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Breakfast Topic: How hard do you farm the holidays?

Anne Stickney

Every year, without fail, I will log into WoW every day of Hallow's End and do the holiday boss on as many max-level characters as I have. I have yet to even see the Headless Horseman's mount drop, and it seems more and more like an exercise in futility. But I still do it. The same goes for holidays like Winter's Veil -- the moment I heard about the Rotten Little Helper pet I knew I had to have one. And so I logged in without fail every day and killed the boss on every max-level character I had. Winter's Veil is apparently far luckier than Hallow's End for me, because I ended up getting the pet Thursday night. He's adorable, if ... er, sort of creepy.

I don't really need holiday achievements anymore, I've gotten them all on my main. But if something new has been added to a holiday boss, I will run that boss with single-minded obsession until I get that new shiny thing. And if I don't get that new shiny thing, I will be really annoyed, sigh, and shrug it off until the following year, at which point I will do it again. I'm curious though -- I have a penchant for collecting, and I know not everyone has the same neurotic tendencies as I do. Do you farm holiday bosses? Do you complete holiday achievements on all of your characters? If a new pet is announced, are you one of those people that simply must farm it until you've got it in your greedy little hands? How hard do you farm the holiday events -- is it just another thing to do, a thing to ignore, or a thing you take very seriously?

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