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Fangs and fire abound in Nosgoth 'War Is Upon Us' trailer

S. Prell, @SamPrell

War. War never changes. Except in Nosgoth, where the war is between melee-oriented superpowered vampires and humans with technology and ranged weapons at the ready. Because in that case, yeah, war is kind of different than it is now.

The trailer above shows the game as it exists in its current, closed alpha state, but progress is being made and developer Psyonix plans to move to closed beta "soon," according to a statement from the company and publisher Square Enix. If you can't wait to sink your teeth into this PvP-oriented return to the Legacy of Kain series' world, you can register to partake in the beta at the official Nosgoth site.

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Humans and Vampires Prepare for War in Latest Nosgoth Trailer
Yep, it's the week before Christmas, and we know everybody's busy... so we'll keep it brief!

We've just released a new Closed Alpha trailer for our in-development game Nosgoth, entitled War Is Upon Us and wanted to let you know. The game's going to be entering its Closed Beta phase soon, and players can head to the official website ( to register for a chance to take part.

In Nosgoth players take part in savage, team-based PvP combat as Humans and Vampires fight over the fate of a war-ravaged world – relying on an arsenal of ranged weaponry and lethal devices as Humans, or visceral melee attacks and inhuman abilities as Vampires. Choosing from a range of unique classes within each faction, experience is gained during battle in order to customise their look, skill set and equipment. Players will experience what it is like to be on both sides of the Human-Vampire war in Nosgoth.

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