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Spelunky, Ridiculous Fishing, more soundtracks now 'pay what you want'


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Composer Eirik Suhrke isn't just the man behind some of the finest indie gaming soundtracks in recent memory, he's also generous enough to offer up those soundtracks at whatever price you'd like, just in time for the holidays.

A visit to Suhrke's Bandcamp page reveals that his discography includes the tunes from Spelunky, Ridiculous Fishing, Super Crate Box and more. Even better, you can own or gift any of these albums on a "pay what you want" basis. Running low on funds? Maybe kick a dollar toward Suhrke. Feeling more generous? Spend $20. Whatever the amount, it's entirely up to you, and as the 62-track Spelunky soundtrack demonstrates, you're getting a lot of quality video game music for your money.

Helpfully, Suhrke's albums are available in most major audio formats, including MP3, AAC and FLAC. According to his recent Twitter announcement of the sale, Suhrke's albums will remain at this floating price point through the end of the week.

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