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Xbox end-of-year sale rounds up arcade sportsball deals


It's football, other football, basketball, and hockeyball in today's Xbox Countdown to 2014 sale, with 75 percent deducted from four arcade sportsters. There's FIFA Street 3 down to $5, NFL Blitz and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition both at $3.74, and 3 on 3 NHL Arcade just $1.24.

If you just can't take another charade, some of those games are perfect holiday fodder - the original NBA Jam was a seasonal fixture in our house, the ideal platform for inter-familial bragging rights. For less than $4, EA Canada's reworked On Fire Edition looks a steal.

Finally, a quick reminder/warning/warming: This is the last day of the week-long sale, and that means it's the last day you can get a whole bunch of games at reduced prices.

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