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Class of Heroes 2G coming to PlayStation 3 in 2014


Niche-focused publisher MonkeyPaw and indie localization team GaijinWorks have teamed up to produce an English-language version of Acquire's PlayStation 3 dungeon-crawling RPG Class of Heroes 2G in 2014.

The two studios previously partnered for this year's PSP release of Class of Heroes 2, which premiered as a PlayStation Network download before UMD copies shipped out to pre-order buyers in October.

Class of Heroes 2 writer and producer Victor Ireland announced that the upcoming PS3 release will feature dual-screen play, allowing players to access in-game maps and stats via a connected PlayStation Vita or PSP. No word has been issued regarding whether Class of Heroes 2G will premiere as a digital or physical release, but MonkeyPaw notes that further details will revealed "after the New Year."

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