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Contrast gets much-needed patch in time for Christmas


Contrast has a lot of things going for it: It's beautiful, has an intriguing core concept of "a girl and a friend thriving in shadow," and it's free with a PS Plus membership. Unfortunately, upon release it was also rife with glitches that, among other things, tended to leave players stuck in walls, the ground, and other bits of game geometry. A new patch, available now, should fix all of that.

"Good news! The Contrast PS4 patch has gone live in North America, just in time for Christmas," tweeted @ContrastGame. The patch fixes all manner of tech sins, including loading problems, various ways you could get stuck, and my personal favorite, "Fix for the box falling on the player's head and floating in space."

The patch will hopefully remedy the "technical instability" we called out in our review, which often made it difficult to parse if you hadn't found the solution to a puzzle, or if you simply couldn't do what you were trying to do.

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