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Around Azeroth: Fairytale of Orgrimmar


"I happened to take a close look at the decorations of the tree next to Greatfather Winter in Orgrimmar and was rather surprised at what I saw," writes submitter Goldenoak of The Crimson Guard on Azuremyst (US-H). "Iron chains, axes and swords -- okay, those reflect the martial nature of Garrosh's Horde. But broken ornaments? Skulls? Has the Horde tree always been decorated like this? Is this a reflection of the Siege? That even the neighborhood Orgri*Mart is shut down, and this is the best the Kor'kron could do to deck the place out in Winter Veil festiveness? Feel sorry for Orgrimmar's children; this year they are going to be lucky to receive Squashed Rabbit Carcass and Lumpy from Greatfather Winter. Perhaps the Alliance should organize a Toys for Tots drive."

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