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Breakfast Topic: The creepiest places in WoW

With the relentless cheer of lights, wreaths, trees, and presents in WoW during Winter Veil, it's easy to forget that the game can sometimes be a bit -- or more than a bit -- creepy. So for a change of pace, today we decided to turn our minds from holiday festivities to consider some of the darker parts of Azeroth. The entire zone of Darkshire and the adjacent Deadwind Pass both have very eerie atmospheres -- and if you're looking for a good scare, you can't do better than the unfinished and not-entirely-accessible Karazhan Crypt that lie below Medivh's home-turned-raid-dungeon. Not quite as creepy but easier to get into is Karazhan itself, filled with ghosts and former servants of still going through their daily unlives with chilling routine.

But what about you, readers? Do you have a favorite creepy place in WoW? A particular corner of the game world that reminds you Azeroth (and Northrend and Pandaria) is far from an all-happy, all-friendly place? Tell us about it!

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