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Wolfire's Overgrowth plants itself on Steam Early Access


Wolfire Games, the indie outfit responsible for the pistol-reloading sim Receiver, is currently working on a 3D beat-em-up called Overgrowth. The game is now available on PC, Mac and Linux through Steam Early Access for $25 – 17% off its $30 asking price – until January 2.

Overgrowth is the sequel to Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot, the studio's first game release. In Lugaru, you play as Turner, an anthropomorphic rabbit with curiously advanced combat skills, who is on a quest of revenge against the band of raiders who murdered his family. A free demo for Lugaru is available for download through Wolfire's site.

There is currently no official launch lined up for Overgrowth and it's clear there is still lots left to do before the game is close to being a fully-realized product. The Steam Early Access version allows early adopters access to the prototype's sandbox exploration mode and modding tools.

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