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Deep Down closes out the year with new trailer, screens


It's appropriate that PS4 RPG Deep Down ends 2013 on a rather vague note. The new trailer and screenshots released this week don't add much to what we know about Capcom's free-to-play multiplayer game, which has retained an air of mystery since its February reveal.

What we do know is that despite its medieval appearance, Deep Down is set in 2094, and that it's based around accessing the "memories" of items, Animus-style. Also, the game's dungeons aren't set, but are instead automatically generated, as are the enemies and equipment found within them.

For an idea of how Deep Down plays, check out our hands-on thoughts from the Tokyo Game Show. We should hear plenty more about the game in the coming months, since an open beta is due to be available when the PS4 launches in Japan on February 22, 2014.

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