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Help us design Joystiq Jelly 2014 game


In 2014 we want to try a communal social experiment, but we need your help to come up with the video game industry topics that will make it a success. We're going to have a Joystiq Jelly Bean Jar that we'll consume a bean from every time an event happens from the list we're creating together. A crass person would call this a "drinking game," but since we're using jelly beans, it would be socially acceptable for you to play along at work or school. We'll be starting the year with a 3 pound (1.68kg) tub.

Here's the thing, we don't want 2013 topics. We want the concepts of 2014. So, something like "a developer double-dips in Kickstarter pool" or "a AAA game launch didn't work due to servers" could be bridges between the two, but we want forward thinking. The concepts that have been simmering for a while and will bubble over in 2014. We'll make an official Joystiq Jelly list come New Year's Day.

You can leave ideas in the comments below or hit us up on the @Joystiq Twitter with #JoystiqJelly. Bonus points for fun and irreverent additions that make us exclaim, "Of course! LOL."
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