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WRUP: GOTY next week


Joystiq's Game of the Year and Best of the Rest posts will graze these lands next week.

What's everyone playing this weekend?

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski, Twitch): Playing some Don't Starve when I'm not finishing off Assassin's Creed 4. Don't be shocked if the latter finds its way into GOTY lists.
  • Anthony John Agnello (@AJohnAgnello): For my part, I'll be playing a whole lot of Senran Kagura: Burst (it's no Dragon's Crown in the brawler race) and more Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.
  • Danny Cowan (@db_cowan, Twitch): Saints Row 4 is so dang good. I've also started playing Papers, Please, which is fun in a hopelessly bleak sort of way.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle, Twitch): I snagged Shelter during the Steam sale, so I'm anxious to give that a try. Otherwise, my weekend will be chock full of Saints Row 4 and disc golf in the park.
  • Earnest Cavalli (@Ecavalli, Twitch): Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Instead of staying inside playing games like a sane person, this weekend I'm moving apartments in twenty-degree weather. Does "trying to avoid hypothermia" qualify as a game?
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt, Twitch): Kentucky Route Zero part two because how the hell did I miss that?
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK, Twitch): [...]
  • Mike Suszek (@MikeSuszek, Twitch): Trudging through The Last of Us and buying up games for my new Vita.
  • Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM, Twitch): I just might finally crack into Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but I'll probably spend most of my time convincing other people to play Puzzle Strike.
  • Sinan Kubba (@SinanKubba, Twitch): The Last Grand Theft May Cry: New Leaf
  • Sam Prell (@SamPrell, Twitch): I've been told I can learn to play guitar in just 60 days using Rocksmith 2014, so I'mma jump on that!
  • Steven Wong: I've been picking up all these Borderlands 2 dlc packs. I think it's time I got to playing them.
  • Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt, Twitch): Super Mario 3D and Persona 3 because I'm super close to the end.
  • Thomas Schulenberg (@T_Schulenberg, Twitch): I'm scrounging for fruit in Pikmin 3 and trying to outwit opposing forces in Fire Emblem: Awakening. I'll probably also return to Resogun for "one or two rounds," because apparently "rounds" is synonymous with "hours" in my mind.
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav, Twitch): Wrapping up The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for GOTY consideration and digging into The Walking Dead season two, after finally completing the fantastic 400 Days expansion.

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