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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup wants to know what you gave

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Merry post-holidays downtime, readers! With most of the gift-giving behind us, I've got a question for you. It's actually something I already asked on Twitter, but I'm still curious: What were you proudest to give someone this year?

If you want to know where this question comes from, the answer is my brothers. While almost everyone else on my list had specific items they'd told me they wanted, my brothers were a bit more mum. Every time I asked, I was told to just get a gift card. A gift card to here, or a gift card to there. Thing is, I hate giving gift cards. To me, it feels like a last resort, and there's very little fun to be had in opening one. So instead, I had to really think about my brothers and their personalities, and try to pick a gift they would like.

I ended up going with some sportswear for one, and Cards Against Humanity for the other. Both of my brothers were happy to receive surprise gifts, and I felt proud for picking out items that fit them well. Not only that, but thinking of and searching for the perfect present reminded me of many happy memories I had of my family.

So that's my story about what I gave and why I was so pleased; what about you? Spread some holiday cheer in the comments after checking out this week's selection of webcomics.

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