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Square Enix mistakenly breaks exclusive DLC contract in Japan

If Japanese fans of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 want to play through the game brandishing the flowers of Final Fantasy 7's Aerith, they'll need to purchase the V Jump strategy guide that Square Enix has exclusively bundled the DLC with. At least, that's the case now - the costume had appeared for sale days ago alongside non-exclusive costumes of FF7's Cloud and Final Fantasy 10's Yuna.

The DLC was pulled on December 20, inspiring a tweeted apology to fans anticipating the costume and to Shueisha, the publisher of the strategy guide. The apology noted that the Cloud and Yuna outfits would return to the store that day, but did not mention continued availability for the Aerith costume outside of purchasing V Jump guide.

As frustrating as keeping track of exclusive pieces of DLC can be for consumers, it's interesting to see confusion like this on the publisher's side of things.

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