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A year-end roundup of TUAW's most popular iOS 7 video tips


When iOS 7 hit the ground running on September 18, 2013, many users upgraded quickly and then promptly spent the next weeks wondering how to do things that had become second nature under iOS 6 and earlier versions. TUAW began a series of video tips at that time that has been extremely popular and will expand in 2014. As a way of introducing the series to new readers who may have just received their first iOS device for Christmas, we've created a roundup of the top iOS 7 video tips.

Where's AirPlay video mirroring?

One of our most popular videos of the year deals with where to find that AirPlay video-mirroring button that's so useful when sending content from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV. In making it easier to use, Apple inadvertently made it more difficult for people to find.

How to use Do Not Disturb

Don't want to be disturbed late at night by those little dings, beeps and buzzes indicating that you're receiving emails, texts or tweets? We show you how to use Do Not Disturb to keep things quiet after dark.

Using Reminders

Reminders, whether providing a handy synchronized to-do list, a subtle poke at your memory when you arrive near some place or a weekly reminder to do something, is one of the most powerful apps on your iOS device. We show you how to use the Reminders app to keep your life in order.

How to shut down running apps

With the hundreds of thousands of apps available on the App Store, is it surprising that people tend to download a lot of games and apps? What's worse, pretty quickly you can have dozens running all at once on your iOS 7 device, which can sometimes result in some pretty nasty memory issues. We show you how easy it is to shut down apps that are running in the background.

Silencing the "silent mode" vibration buzzer

There's almost nothing more embarrassing than being in an important meeting or event and having your iPhone decide to loudly dance all over the table when the "silent mode" vibration buzzer kicks in. Rather than risk public humiliation, we show you how to silence the buzzer.

Keyboard settings and adding emoji

Another popular video tip was this one, which shows you how to add that lovely emoji keyboard and be able to add a huge variety of smilies to your emails, messages and tweets.

Have an iOS 7 or OS X question you'd like to have answered in a video tip? Use the "Tip Us" button in the upper-right of the TUAW home page to give us feedback about what you'd like to see.

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