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Community Blog Topic: What are your WoW resolutions?


We're coming up on the new year, so it's time for new year's resolutions. For this week's Community Blog Topic we ask, "What are your World of Warcraft resolutions?"

I've got two characters tottering on the brink of 90, waiting for me to take them all the way. So I definitely want to get those taken care of. As far as pet battles, I want to get one of each kind to 25 and get as many related achievements as possible.

And then there's LFR. I have a confession to make: I've never used the Raid Finder. I fear PUGs. But I need to get over that while there are still people running them.

What are your WoW resolutions? Blog about your answer and link to it in the comments below. Or if you don't have a WoW-related blog, respond in the comments. We'll spotlight some of the answers next week.

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