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Nintendo put limits on 3DS StreetPass sharing so it can add features later


StreetPass data swaps are handy for 3DS owners who want to expand their games with other players' content, but they limit the number of new people you can accept at any one time. Ever wonder why that is? As it turns out, Nintendo has been futureproofing the service all along. The company's Kouichi Kawamoto tells Kotaku that the 10-player connection cap in StreetPass Mii Plaza leaves headroom for larger data exchanges. While Kawamoto isn't saying what additional info gamers could send to each other, he notes that Nintendo will only lift the cap if it decides that there's nothing more to add. There aren't any current plans to raise that ceiling, he says. The news will no doubt frustrate players tired of clearing their StreetPass queues, but it does hint at an eventual reward for their patience.

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