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There's nothing happening in Karazhan

Following all the interesting phase names for the dusted and de-cobwebbed Karazhan on the PTR, Game Designer Dave Maldonado has spoken out on Twitter about what was really going on. Technical Game Designer Chadd "Celestalon" Nervig was asked what was happening in the much-loved raid, and passed the question on. Here's the answer:

So it sounds like it was a phasing experiment -- phasing being the technology that alters an environment based on the player in it. Krasarang, for example, to a player who hasn't done the 5.1 lead-in dailies, will just be empty beaches. Dave is telling us that the Karazhan changes were simply a phasing experiment that didn't work out. The designers apparently never expected it to take off.

It seems like they've stopped trying, for now at least. But, the talk of event quests is encouraging. Even if Karazhan isn't part of it, many players will be very pleased to hear even a faint suggestion that there's event quests to mark the start of the Warlords transition.

Of course, that could just be what they want us to think about Karazhan...

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