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The Last of Us survivor makes GLAAD intriguing LGBT characters of 2013 list


GLAAD, a media monitoring organization promoting LGBT imagery, has recognized Naughty Dog's The Last of Us for introducing a complex gay character to its to its post-apocalyptic narrative.

"[Bill is] an unstable loner in the town of Lincoln with a talent for fixing things. Through dialogue and backstory, the player learns that Bill once had a partner named Frank who he loved, but the plague drove them apart and led Frank to a bitter end," notes GLAAD in its list featuring characters form other mediums. "Both helpful and contentious, Bill is as deeply flawed but wholly unique a gay character found in any storytelling medium this year."

Other instances of LGBT characters in 2013 included a plot line in Gone Home, a playable character in State of Decay and ... well, there is a debate to be had about Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Gracie the Giraffe – a male character in the Japanese game, who is designated female everywhere else.

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