Report: PopCap CEO stepping down, co-founder Vechey to take over

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Report: PopCap CEO stepping down, co-founder Vechey to take over
PopCap Games CEO David Roberts is stepping down after almost nine years with the company and will be replaced by co-founder John Vechey. The shift in management will take effect on January 8, Venturebeat reports.

"PopCap's mission right now is to create the greatest mobile game studio in the world, and we're going to do that by only making games that are beloved by players," Vechey told Venturebeat. "We're focusing on our foundation in 2014 – talent, process, and most importantly, great products, around that mission." Presumably Roberts will retire from the gaming industry, though he has yet to announce any plans for beyond January 8.

Vechey's current role is VP of development and strategy, where he has worked internally on "spearheading/helping new initiatives" for years now. He also moonlights as Chief Hype Man, starring in the best Pokemon/Peggle 2 mash-up gif of 2013.

Popcap Games was founded in 2000 by John Vechey, Brian Fiete and Jason Kapalka. On January 8, Kapalka will transition into a consultant's role, leaving Vechey as the only remaining Popcap co-founder at the Seattle studio. EA acquired Popcap in 2011 for a hefty $750 million.
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