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Zuli Smartplug: iBeacon for the home

Steve Sande
Steve Sande|@stevensande|January 3, 2014 4:00 PM

The news in the iBeacon world is warming up prior to CES, where we're sure to hear a lot about the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. There's a Kickstarter that ends tomorrow and is just on the verge of reaching funding that wants to bring iBeacon into the home. The product, called the Zuli Smartplug, is about 95 percent funded with less than a day to go.

According to the developers, three or more Zuli Smartplugs connect and alert each other when a homeowner with an iOS 7 app-equipped iPhone walks into the home. The Zuli Smartplugs actually form a mesh network that determines your location in your house, and then turn lights or appliances on or off when you walk into or leave a room. All this is done without touching your phone.

We'll let Taylor Umphreys from Zuli tell you the rest of the story, but this looks like a wonderful Kickstarter to back if you're into the world of connected things.

Update 08/20/14: You can now visit the Zuli website at www.zuli.io.

Zuli Smartplug: iBeacon for the home