Introducing Engadget Mini!

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Marc Perton
January 4th, 2014
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Introducing Engadget Mini!

engadget mini for android

CES is about to start, and as usual, we'll be covering the show wall-to-wall, with liveblogs, hands-ons, news and, of course, Best of CES. One thing we'll be doing differently this year is providing you with a quick and easy way to access our CES coverage -- and more -- from your smartphone or computer. Engadget Mini, which is available now for iOS and Android, is an app that features headlines from Engadget; the best of our social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sources; exclusive headlines, photos, and videos; and our picks for the best tech news from around the web and the social universe. You can also catch the latest updates to Mini right here on Engadget, or on the Mini web site.

Mini is a mix of creation, curation and conversation -- think of it as a companion microblog to Engadget -- and an experiment to see what a next-generation real-time feed might look like. We're still kicking the tires on this thing, but we can't think of a better time than right now, during CES, to share it with you, and we hope you'll find it to be an exciting new way to keep up with the show. Download it now, bookmark the site and join us in our Mini forum, where you can share your feedback and get more info on this great new addition to Engadget!

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