Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 raising money for cancer research

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You could probably trip your way into watching speedruns on the Internet at this point, but finding a week-long marathon of them in the name of charity? That's not an everyday thing! Awesome Games Done Quick has begun its crazy, fourth-annual set full of speedruns, which will take place from now until January 11. Donations will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit group that invests in cancer research and education.

If you need an incentive beyond helping others, donations that meet or exceed the minimum bids listed for prizes will automatically enter you into raffles for all kinds of gaming-related things. You can also contribute to bids to make bonus games or unique events appear on the stream. Want to see a Small Mario Run of Super Mario World or a torturous, Very Hard run of F-Zero GX? Donate to make it happen!

[Thanks, Ken!]
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