Joe Danger Infinity set to arrive later this week

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Joe Danger Infinity set to arrive later this week
Hello Games is "slotted" to ride Joe Danger Infinity onto iOS this Thursday, January 9, despite having to deal with severe floods last month. In an email sent to Joystiq, Managing Director Sean Murray wrote, "We're here in a cramped little upstairs room, with makeshift PCs and water slowly rising to the electrics... because we have a game to release!"

If it makes the date, Infinity will arrive one year after the studio's first iOS game, Joe Danger Touch. As the name suggests, the studio's second one takes Danger's tried-and-tested tricking and transplants it onto an endless runner. According to Murray, the 20 or so new vehicles are the "really big change," with a tank and a firework among the new inclusions.

No word on the price yet, but Joe Danger Touch landed with a $3 tag.
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