LG spills price, release details on its Ultra HD, OLED (flat or curved) and webOS TVs

As usual, LG has encouraged our speculation by slowly revealing details about many of the new TVs it's bringing to CES and today during its press conference we're finding out the rest, including prices and release windows. First up is its impossibly large 105-inch curved LCD, an ultrawide screen that may actually deliver on its promise of a cinema experience in the home. While this doesn't have a specific release period, LG is anticipating an MSRP of about $70K, so it won't come cheap, but its unique 5,120 x 2,160 resolution is impressive enough to merit consideration -- if you're not convinced don't worry, there are a number of other options. If you're looking for a new OLED TV instead, LG is also setting high-water marks there with its Ultra HD 77-inch curved model. It combines ultra-high resolution with the company's best display technology and high dynamic range algorithm for a picture that should be stunning. Of course, that comes with a similarly eye-popping price of $29,999 when it starts rolling out during the second quarter of this year, but delivering on the promise of one of our favorite displays from last year isn't cheap.

For those that want the latest in TV technology, but prefer a flat viewing surface, LG is also almost ready to deliver its conventionally shaped Gallery OLED TV in the US. The 55-inch EA8800 doesn't have the all the pixels of its predecessors above, but with an MSRP of $8,999, it's a bit closer to our price range and hopefully, new production plants will make the price fall even faster. Of course, there's a possibility that our favorite part of the announcement is the most easily obtained, as LG has revealed that webOS is coming to most of its new Smart TVs this year.

Purchased from HP and adapted to work on TV, the experience begins with a user-friendly tutorial and setup process, and moves on to a connected-TV system that could surpass the others in the field right out of the box. The webOS Launcher is built for multitasking with apps and live TV, all built around the concept of past, present and future. This platform is LG's first compatible with apps built on HTML standards, which should hopefully attract more developers to the platform. We'll have to get our hands on it to verify the company's pledge that it's "Making TV Simple Again," but so far it appears to have a good start -- check after the break for a few more screenshots.