LG teases webOS for most of its smart TVs, Life Band Touch with Android, iOS sync

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Richard Lawler
January 6th, 2014
LG teases webOS for most of its smart TVs, Life Band Touch with Android, iOS sync

LG has already shown quite a bit of its hand ahead of CES (105-inch curved LCD; OLEDs OLEDs and more OLEDs; Ultra HD televisions of all sizes) but with its press conference now just hours away, it's showing off a bit more. Now we have an official pic or two of the webOS interface on a TV, and LG's blog indicates it should appear on more than 70 percent of the smart TVs it's releasing in 2014. The webOS launcher is teased as offering all the voice search and gesture recognition features we've seen on LG TVs in the past few years, and enhanced multitasking between apps and live TV. There's even an animated "Bean Bird" character to walk users through initial setup and pair the magic remote.

That's not all that's new however, as LG also confirmed it will launch the Life Band Touch. Similar to Nike's FuelBand, this wearable (pictured after the break) promises far more features powered by its ability to sync with both Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth 4.0. It has touch controls for music playback and incoming calls on the synced device, and can be used with special heart rate monitor earbuds. There are a few other products mentioned as well, check back tomorrow at 11AM ET for all the information from CES as we liveblog LG's press conference.

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