Nuance's next-generation Dragon Assistant wants to have a conversation

Remember that partnership Intel and Nuance penned way back when? The fruits of their labor is finally here: Nuance's next-generation Dragon Assistant. The virtual assistant is designed specifically for Intel RealSense technology, and comes with two default personalities: American female or British Butler. The assistant does the normal voice recognition tasks, of course, but Nuance is particularly proud of the program's conversational skills. Asking the virtual Alfred (yes, we prefer British Butlers, it's true) who directed Pulp Fiction, for instance, produces the correct answer: "Quentin Tarantino," but Dragon will also remember you asked that, putting follow up questions (such as, "Hey, who was in that movie?") into the proper context.

"This latest version of Dragon Assistant is transformative," Nuance Mobile Vice President Michael Thompson wrote in the company's press release. "People can have an interactive dialogue that is natural and intuitive, with a voice assistant that listens and understand the context of the conversation." Neat. Best of all, the new assistant is available today in devices from Acer, Dell, HP Lenovo and more, in Ultrabooks, notebooks and all-in-one PCs. Asus and Toshiba a will follow early this year, and Lenovo will pack the assistant into a tablet sometime in the next few months. Looking for more details? Check out the company's official announcement at the source link below.