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Sony announces seven HD Handycam camcorders at CES, priced from $230 to $1,500

Bear with us here; Sony's announcing quite a few new Handycam models at this year's CES. At the pricier end of the spectrum, the HDR-CX900 sports a 1-inch CMOS sensor, 50 Mbps XAVC S recording, and a boatload of other high-end features. In fact, it's identical to the $2,000 AX100, though the CX900 excludes 4K-capture capabilities. That omission will save you 500 bucks, with this model shipping in late February for $1,500. Next up, the projector-equipped PJ810 will run you $1,100, and includes WiFi with NFC, 24.5-megapixel stills capture, a 26.8mm wide-angle G lens with hood, a 3-inch 921k-dot LCD and a 50-lumen projector. Meanwhile, for $700, you can pick up the PJ540, which sports a 5.1-channel mic, a 3-inch 460k-dot LCD, 32GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC, a 25-lumen projector and our favorite feature, Balanced Optical SteadyShot.

At the lower end, you can pick up the PJ340, which includes a 26.8mm wide-angle G lens with optical SteadyShot, 16GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC and a 13-lumen projector for $480. Next up is the cheapest projector-equipped model, the PJ275. This $400 shooter features a 29.8mm Zeiss lens, 8GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC and a 13-lumen projector. Meanwhile, videographers on a budget may want to check out the $330 CX330, which ships with WiFi, NFC and a 26.8mm G lens with optical SteadyShot. The $230 CX240, however, does not include WiFi. It does feature a 9.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 29.8mm lens with digital stabilization, full HD (60p) capture and a 2.7-inch LCD. All seven models ship next month alongside several new accessories, including a $100 shotgun mic, ECM-W1M and ECM-AW4 $230 wireless microphones and a $30 lens filter for the PJ540.