A first look at the app for Canary's web-connected home security system

You may remember Canary, an all-seeing, all-knowing, net-connected home security system that obliterated its funding target to raise almost $2 million. Now, if we were the folks behind it, we'd be celebrating in Vegas, but instead they're here at CES showing off their progress. While the team have brought final hardware along, it doesn't look any different from the original proposition. Canary's CEO Adam Sager tells us, however, that many of the internal components have been swapped out for better versions as development has ramped up, and Ethernet has been added (in addition to WiFi) due to backer demand.

What we were really interested in, though, was taking a look at the companion app Canary has been crafting. Sager demoed the iOS version, which takes many design cues from Apple's latest mobile OS, on an iPod Touch. He showed us how the app handles alerts, including that HD video recordings and all other sensor metadata associated with that event, as well as the various ways you can immediately react. We also saw how live video feeds would be presented, the feed-like alert history, and how you can set up both user and trigger profiles. Considering this isn't "fully functional," as Sager put it, we would call it mighty slick for something deemed unfinished. Development is being steered, in part, by an ongoing internal beta, and backers who signed up for the open beta are due to recieve their hardware within the next month. Everything is on track, too, for the launch proper in May. Head past the break for a brief video walkthrough of the app, courtesy of Sager.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.