ION Audio's Sound Lounge speaker lets you get down while you sit down

Ever thought your furniture was missing something? Perhaps some... speakers? ION Audio has seen this terrible oversight and promptly corrected it with its Sound Lounge Bluetooth speaker... ottoman? The sonic-seat has a 2.1-channel stereo system built right in, and as you might have already figured out, you can hook it up to your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth media device. If you prefer things with a little more wire, there are two phono connections around the back (one input and one output) so you can daisy-chain multiple units. There are also physical volume and bass controls should you want a little more rumble in the jungle.

The 10w (20w peak) speaker inside managed to make itself heard above the fairly chaotic ambient noise of Pepcom, and of course, we couldn't check it out without taking it for a spin. We can confirm that it's the most comfortable speaker we've ever sat on, and the choice of red and white finishes give it the authentic Manhattan feel that it truly deserves. No word on price or availability just yet, so for now you'll just have to stand. In silence.