OLPC's got two new consumer kid tablets and accessories for CES

After months of waiting, we were pretty psyched to finally get our hands on the final version of One Laptop Per Child's first consumer-facing device, first announced this time last year. The anticipation may have played a role in our disappointment, but inevitably we just couldn't get behind what was essentially a rebadged Vivitar device from an organization that had done so much hardware innovating for its non-profit wing. OLPC is celebrating this week's big Vegas show with the announcement of two new slates, and while Vivitar is still the hardware partner for this go 'round, the game has certainly been upped in the spec department. And the company's also offering up two sizes: the 7-inch XO-2 and the 10.1-inch XO-10, which sort of throws a wrench in what would otherwise be a fairly straightforward naming process. On the whole, the specs are pretty similar with the two devices, right down to the 1,200 x 600 resolution on both.

Inside each, you'll find a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and built-in Bluetooth and GPS. The 7-incher will give you seven hours of battery on a charge and its bigger brother should give you more than 12. Both systems are running a heavily modified version of Android KitKat and ship with 100 pre-loaded English and Spanish apps, which the company values at around $200. The tablets themselves will run you $149 and $199, respectively. Also new are those digital microscopes and telescopes that we saw in early forms last year, along with a wireless keyboard, which was designed by superstar designer/OLPC pal, Yves Béhar.