A chip off the 3D-printing block: Samsung partners with 3D Systems for custom Note 3 cases (video)

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A chip off the 3D-printing block: Samsung partners with 3D Systems for custom Note 3 cases (video)

It figures that Samsung would want to take its "Create" tagline for the Note series and press on into 3D printing because: You. Customization. The endless possibilities. And all that other jargon-y industry buzz buzz buzz. Well, now that the Korean electronics giant's taking a stab at the make-it-yourself wheel, it's partnered with 3D Systems to show off an app that makes custom inserts for specially designed Galaxy Note 3 cases. The catch here being that it's not a soon-to-be released commercial product. This is all just concept for now and you have to be at CES 2014 in Las Vegas to test it out.

Instead of whipping up entire cases, the 3D Systems app allows users visiting Samsung's booth to create custom-designed coins (small plastic inserts that slot into the base of a Note 3 case) using its new entry-level Cube 3 3D printer. Coin creation is fairly straightforward with options to add a range of pre-set icons, text or freehand drawing. There are also three templates users can choose from: a plain-faced Simple Coin, an Olive Wreath or Poker Chip. But 3D Systems told us that it intends to swap out these three templates throughout the week, so what you'll see will depend on the day you visit.

Once you've settled on a final design, the coin-printing process takes about 20 minutes to complete, but not everyone who passes through the booth will see their designs come to life. 3D Systems plans to sort through all submitted designs and populate a wall in Samsung's booth with the best of the bunch -- a money shot we'll have for you later this week. So, there's your taste of the future folks: Big-ass phones, styluses, 3D printers and your unbridled creativity (actual sense of taste optional).

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