Skullcandy's women's line of headphones are purple, flowery and covered in human skulls

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.07.14

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We'll admit that this wasn't exactly the announcement we were expecting out of Skullcandy. The populist headphone maker is celebrating CES with the launch of a line specifically targeted at the ladies. What, pray tell, does that mean, exactly? Well, according to the press materials:

The collection is designed, colored, cushioned and patterned for females with a pioneering focus on acoustics and fit, unmatched in the electronics space.

The line is apparently the result of "years of research" into the "anatomical and acoustic differences between men and women." The result is different sizes, shapes, form-fitting ear gels, fabrics and, based on the one image we have, lots of purples and flowers -- though it wouldn't be Skullcandy without some bones on there. The line is launching on March 15th with prices ranging from $30 to $100. Come June, the company will also be launching a line of durable, sweat-resistant sports headphones, as well.

Update: At CES 2014, we got to speak with Skullcandy about the new female-friendly headphones in more detail. The research mentioned (taken from existing scientific papers, and not undertaken by Skullcandy itself) not only relates to comfort, but differences in what (i.e. subtle variations in frequency sensitivity) women hear.

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