LG's Pocket Photo 2 can handle your selfie prints in 60 seconds (hands-on)

From time to time, you snap a picture while on the go that deserves a bit more than just social media posting. For those more elegant snapshots, LG's Pocket Photo 2 can output 30 photos before needing to recharge and refill the requisite paper. We took one for a spin at CES in order to observe the results. Once the LG G2 being used for the demo was paired via NFC/Bluetooth, we were off to capture an image. From there, you can use LG's app to edit -- which includes adding filters, captions, QR codes, borders and more. When our tweaks were complete, we just laid the G2 on top of the small printer and let the wireless connection transfer the file. In about 60 seconds, the task was completed with thermal ink and our portrait had been preserved in physical form.

The Pocket Photo 2 has slimmed down a bit from the previous model, and the difference is noticeable. A button to open up the casing is situated on the bottom edge, allowing access to swap out the paper stack. Around to the right side, there's a power toggle switch alongside the charging port. On the front, LED indicators for power, battery and low-paper levels are located on the right side and silver circles for the opening hinge are up top on both sides. As far as the prints go, the final product is a 3 x 2-inch rectangle that's a little smaller than a business card and the quality is on par with what we'd expect for a device like this. It's OK for really quick prints, but that's about it. When the device arrives, pink, yellow and white color options will be yours for the taking. There's no word on pricing just yet, but the Pocket Photo 2 is set to make its debut in Korea later this month. For now, jump down to the gallery below for a closer look.