Fleksy keyboard brings predictive touch typing to the Galaxy Gear (video)

Fleksy has already shown that you could use its intuitive touch keyboard on a smartwatch with the Omate TrueSmart, so it only makes sense that someone saw fit to put it on Samsung's Galaxy Gear. By default, the only way to enter text into the Gear is through voice dictation, which might not be your thing, especially in a crowded environment. As it turns out however, you can choose to sideload software keyboards like Fleksy, which is available through the regular Google Play store, into the Gear. Fleksy COO Ioannis Verdelis found out about this a few weeks ago from the XDA Developer forums, so he installed Fleksy on his Gear and brought it here to CES for us to see. From a brief hands-on, it seems very similar to the version we used on the TrueSmart. Simply tap in your desired words as best you can, and the tiny predictive keyboard will turn your mangled letters into coherent sentences. We took a brief video of it in action, which you can check out below.