ION's Road Warrior Bluetooth speaker won't fit in your bag, costs $399 (hands-on)

ION Audio took to CES 2014 to reveal a number of new products, and the Road Warrior was among them. In typical trade show fashion, we thought it was only appropriate to stop by the company's booth to check out its not-so-portable Bluetooth speaker. As you can imagine, this thing is big and extremely loud -- we were playing Lorde at about half the maximum volume and walked away hugely impressed at the amount of noise it can push out. It wasn't exactly surprising given its 200-watt power and two 10-inch woofers, but the Road Warrior can definitely turn your tailgate party into one for the ages. ION Audio told us that the model being shown is a prototype, with the final retail version said to feature a thinner body and built-in kickstand. Priced at $399, the Road Warrior won't be shipping until June, though you can catch an early glimpse of it in our gallery after the break.