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LG sneaks a new version of its 'Laser TV' projector into CES 2014

Last year at CES, LG introduced the Cinema Beam HECTO Laser TV projection system that could produce a 100-inch screen from just a couple of feet away, and now it's showing off a new version. HECTO2 keeps the same 100-inch screen size, but uses an upgraded laser system to provide a claimed 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that is 10x greater than the original and only needs six inches of space. Just like the earlier iteration and Sony's new Life Space UX laser projector, the Cinema Beam brings speakers, smart TV apps and more as an all-in-one package. Other than a likely still-astronomical price -- the original launched at about $10k -- there's probably one big reason this isn't getting a ton of hype. It's still 1080p, and at a show that's all about Ultra HD, LG may hold off on the laser-projection push until it can squeeze a few million more pixels in.