Xtreme: GoPro sports app coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One

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Xtreme: GoPro sports app coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One
The folks behind GoPro will launch an extreme sports channel on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, our sister site Engadget has learned. The app will make its debut on Xbox 360 before Xbox One, a representative told Engadget at CES today, though there is no established timeframe for the app's launch on either platform.

GoPro high-definition cameras are a favorite for adrenaline seekers. They are categorized as being lightweight and rugged, and are easily mounted to vehicles or worn by individuals. One of Engadget's reporters wore one for an entire day while at CES this week.

The GoPro sports channel is currently available on Virgin America flights, so if you've flown with Virgin recently you may have some idea of what to expect in terms of content.
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