Bosses in 5 seconds: Siege of Orgrimmar LFR wing four

While we've been busy, in my guild, trying to draw awesome stars in Paragons of the Klaxxi with Iyyokuk the Lucid's fire lines, I've apparently not been busy making a Bosses in 5 Seconds for the fourth wing of Siege of Orgrimmar. By way of apology to the many people who've been asking me where it is, I'm writing it right now. Sorry for the rather lengthy delay. You can see the rest of the guides here. As ever, these are minimal guides for LFR. If you use them for anything else, that's on you!

Siegecrafter Blackfuse

  • Don't stand in the bad.

  • There will be rings of bad appearing, the first one to activate is the middle one. Don't stand in it, then do, after it's gone off.

  • Kill the fixating crawler mines. Ranged are best at this.

  • Ranged spread out for sawblades.

  • Kite the laser away from the group

  • Taunt at around 3 stacks of the debuff.

  • Swap to tank the shredder. Tanks kill the shredder. Bad on the floor hurts it. Use DPS CDs once it's jumped, keep it 40 yds from the boss.

  • On the belt, don't kill the Electromagnet, prioritize Crawler Mines*. (LFR usually skips the belt)

*While it's not needed in the instructions, this merits explanation. The Electromagnet uses Magnetic Crush which removes the Sawblades from the area. These deal a good amount of damage to anyone who stands on or near them, so removing them will help your healers and keep the deaths low. Crawler mines require several players to switch DPS off the boss.

Paragons of the Klaxxi

  • Someone mark targets with skull. Kill the marked target ONLY.

  • Do not AoE or cleave, it's just wasted DPS.

  • Mark and kill the boss with the highest stacks of the Paragon's Purpose buff.

  • Tanks watch your debuffs. You need to split Rik'kal from Skeer, and Kil'ruk from Xaril.

  • Tanks face Korven away from the raid.

  • Kill the marked target ONLY.

  • Don't stand in bad.

  • Line up in front of the Aim target.

  • Stay away from Hungry Kunchongs.

  • Kill the marked target ONLY.

  • Certain roles can get buffs from certain corpses: Tanks only: Korven, Healers only: Xaril and Iyyokuk.*

*This is definitely not necessary in LFR. However, it's nice if you want to pick it up! There are two abilities that can be acquired by any role (Rik'kal and Kaz'tik) , but it's best that DPS take them.

Garrosh Hellscream

Phase 1

  • One tank on Garrosh one on adds.

  • DPS focus adds, interrupt heals.

  • DPS take down one engineer.

  • Run away from the ball of fire, don't stand in purple.

  • Ball of fire also damages adds.

  • Healers, use a cooldown for Warsong.

  • Ranged and Healers stack at max range from Garrosh -- weapons will be thrown at you.*

  • Kill the Desecrated Weapons, good groups can just DoT it and stay on the boss.

Transition phases

  • Kill adds.

  • Don't stand in bad.

  • If you get the split one, send 1 tank each way and split healers.

Phases 2 and 3

  • DPS burst down MC'd players, interrupt.

  • Run from Whirling Corruption.

  • Don't stand in Desecrate.

  • Taunt at 3-ish stacks of Gripping Despair, on 100 energy use a CD when swapping.

  • Ranged and Healers stack well away from Garrosh -- weapons will be thrown at you.

  • Prioritize killing adds.

  • Don't tank adds from Whirling Corruption.

  • Use Heroism/Bloodlust at the start of Phase 3.

*Groups will often set up a triangle of raid markers for melee, and two ranged positions, ensuring that the distances between them are sufficient that Desecrate won't cover both. This is a good idea if you have someone who knows the layout. It's also a good idea to mark one player who knows what they're doing for the rest of the ranged DPS and healers to follow.