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CES 2014 in pictures

CES 2014 in pictures
Christopher Trout
Christopher Trout|@Mr_Trout|January 10, 2014 10:09 PM


We've written so many words about CES 2014 that our fingers have calloused over. We've seen enough 4K TVs, booth babes and wearable computers to last us another 365 days and our resident photographer, Will Lipman, was on hand to capture almost all of it. We'll spare you the bad catering, grease-smudged demo units and trips to the port-a-john for a glimpse at the more beautiful side of CES. Join us after the break for a closer look at CES 2014.

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Presented without comment.

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Not now

CES cosplay? This dude's not impressed.

The new way to check-in.

At least someone's leaving with a smile on his face.

Mr. Marinator's claiming its steak for Best of CES.


And still our WiFi connection sucked.

Daddy's little girl

Nick Cannon: "You're paying me how much to do this?!"

Life Space UX blue screen of death

"Nah, it's cool. I'll wait."


Under the sea-ES

Do you ever get that feeling that you're being watched?

Check out these curves.

Ultra HD's got nothing on this life-like DTS display.

I see a photographer in your future.

Nice grill

Little people. Big show.

We're not exactly sure what this one is, but This is ION Audio's Flash Cube; stare into the center of it for 30 seconds.

Can someone move that World's First Curved UHD TV? It's in the way of my shot.


You betta work!

Don't cut the red wire.

Welcome to the future. Now get out of the way.

Photos by Will Lipman

Joseph Volpe and James Trew contributed to this report.

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CES 2014 in pictures