A sub-$600 desktop 3D scanner that folds into a box

Hidden in amongst the armies of 3D scanners in the South Hall of CES is the Matterform: a crowdfunded, $579 desktop 3D scanner that's also its own carrying case. The device operates on similar principles as other devices in the space, namely MakerBot's Digitizer. There are a couple of clear differences between the two offerings, right off the bat; first and foremost the price, with Matterform's offering coming in at a fraction of MakerBot's scanner. Also cool is the fact that the rotating bed also raises and lowers, so you get more angles for a fuller picture of the object being scanned. And then there's the fact that the whole thing folds up into a rugged case with a handle, for those ever-important 3D-scanning house calls. There's more info in the source link, including video of the included software in action. You can also pre-order the device there, if you're so inclined.