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Polaroid is already planning to cut the price of its $1,000 4K TV

Like the high school kid who doesn't get invited to go out partying with the in-crowd, Polaroid decided that the best way that it could turn some jaded heads was with a dramatic reinvention. The company pulled up outside CES with a whole new range of cameras, tablets and a 4K TV, the latter of which was one of a small few that broke the $1,000 barrier. When we went to examine the 50-inch UHD panel, an executive remarked that this un-smart TV would likely get a price cut before it hits store shelves in order to undercut rivals from Vizio and Kogan. Of course, there's no word on just how much cheaper this unit will be, but we figure it'll be hashed out with the accountants in due course.

The unit itself, meanwhile, uses an Innolux panel and comes with a trio of HDMI 1.4 inputs in addition to a USB port -- although it's our sad duty to inform you that the latter can only be used for firmware upgrades. The company also believes that most buyers will already own a Chromecast, Apple TV or similar gear, and so omitted Roku's built-in streaming stick tech, putting the gear at a disadvantage compared to the aforementioned Vizios and Kogans of this world. Still, for now, it's scheduled to arrive in May, and for now at least, you can expect to pay $1,000 for the pleasure of mounting it to your living room wall.

Nicole Lee counted all 3,840 x 2,160 pixels on these TVs by hand for this report.