Just Mobile unveils its fine-point capacitive stylus, expands dock and battery lineup

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Just Mobile unveils its fine-point capacitive stylus, expands dock and battery lineup

Just Mobile was back at CES to sprinkle some magic dust on its new accessories, and this time it involves a mixture of batteries, Lightning docks, cables and styli. We're most excited by the company's AluPen Digital, a fine-point capacitive stylus that works on any modern mobile device, without the need of Bluetooth or any additional sensor. We also got an exclusive look at the upcoming AluBolt Pro Lightning dock for the iPad, along with the Lounge Pro and Lounge Ice iPhone docks, the AluCable Flat and the aluminum refresh of the Gum++ battery. Read on to check them out.

AluPen Digital

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As mentioned earlier, the AluPen Digital shifts away from the conventional blunt stylus to deliver something closer to a real pen. The only thing needed here is an AAAA battery (yes, such a thing exists!) that keeps the narrow tip going for about six to eight weeks. When you're done with doodling, you can also retract the tip by twisting the small cap. The best part of all is the price: just $49.95. Expect this to be made available in Q1 this year.

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AluBolt Pro

Just Mobile launched the AluBolt Lightning dock for the iPhone in late November, and given the funky design, it's no surprise to see a larger version made for the iPad -- and we were apparently the first people outside the company to see it. The only downside is that both stands are set at a fixed angle due to their Lightning plugs, but if you don't mind the missing Lightning plug, then you may consider the similar-looking Encore that lets you adjust your tablet's angle. The AluBolt Pro will arrive in early April for $59.95 -- the same price as the Encore, which is already available.

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Gum++ aluminum edition and AluCable Flat

The original Gum++ launched last year with a Rimowa-inspired design, but apparently there's a demand for a smooth aluminum version, hence this refresh. All five colors are pictured above: black, space gray, silver, red and gold. The specs are the same as before: 6,000mAh capacity and a generous 2.5A output. You can grab one at the end of this month for $79.95.

If you're looking for a Lightning cable as well, Just Mobile's also offering the self-explanatory AluCable Flat, available in black with silver caps, black with blue caps or white with gold caps. You can grab one by the end of March, with the long version for $24,95 and the short version (pictured above) for $19.95.

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Lounge Pro

This minimalistic iPhone dock has a couple of not-so-obvious features. For one, there's a retractable support stand behind the phone (but the Lightning plug alone also does the job), and there's also a hole underneath the iPhone's speaker, which amplifies the sound through a front-facing slot at the bottom of the dock. This will be available toward the end of March for $34.95 -- it's cheaper than the AluBolt Pro because it uses your own Lightning cable.

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Lounge Ice

Last but not least, we have the Lounge Ice, which is clearly designed with the iPhone 5c in mind. It's named as such because when plugged in, it's as if you're looking at a popsicle. Aww. The wooden plug isn't just for show, though, as it actually houses your Lightning cable's plug. This is also launching around end of March, and it'll cost $29.95.

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