Firefly Online shows off the AFAS fighter

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.14.14

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Firefly Online shows off the AFAS fighter
Firefly Online
The titular ship class in Firefly Online won't be the only spacecraft players will encounter when the game goes live this summer. The arrogant Alliance have their own spiffy line-up of ships, and today Quantum Mechanix revealed the faction's first one: the Alliance Fast Attack Ship.

The AFAS, also known as Shinigami, was created to counter gunboats such as the Firefly Series 3 military variant in the Unification War. It's a short-range attack ship that might not be as powerful as some of the other hardware in the Alliance's arsenal, but it's cheap and effective enough that they flourished even so.

The AFAS is small, quick, has a decent armament of turrets and cannons, and operates in three-ship wolf packs. While the AFAS was mostly retired in favor of the follow-up ASREV, there are still a few in operation in the 'Verse even today.
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