Motorola's Moto X is coming to the UK, France and Germany on February 1st for £380

When Motorola returned from Google's wilderness, it came back with a new approach to phone design and customization. The Moto X was the subject of plenty of envious glances from the other side of the pond, and while the Moto G is an excellent low-end smartphone, it couldn't entirely scratch that itch, you know? That's why it's to our delight that the flagship is now coming to the UK, France and Germany albeit without the choose-your-own-body options that are available in the Moto Maker, at least not at launch. According to CEO Dennis Woodside, the company will launch the service just as soon as it can work out how to deliver the units within the same four-day window as it does in the US. It'll be priced for £380 unlocked, or for around £25 a month when it lands in stores on February 1st.