Random Acts of Uberness: Recruit-a-gear

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Random Acts of Uberness: Recruit-a-gear
The author of this week's first Random Acts of Uberness letter reports hearing rumblings in trade chat as he was busily receiving Recruit-A-Friend levels. What happens when you attract the attention of townies when you're insta-leveling in public?

Caught being uber: Axtin, Stormreaver (US-Alliance) I was in Stormwind receiving free levels from 23 to 85 from the RAF benefit. Some people were commenting about it, and when I hit 85, I mentioned that I needed to get some gear, now. I was just going to go to the adventuring supplies vendor and buy everything I needed, when Axtin told me to hold on.

He came back a few minutes later and gave me a complete set of plate gear, rings, and weapon for my newly minted 85 warrior. I tried to pay him for it, but he refused. By far one of the coolest experiences I've had. Saved me a huge amount of gold buying all the vendor gear. -- Eriine, Stormreaver (US-Alliance)
Caught being uber: Anabelle, Kazzak (EU-Horde) Anabelle has posted on the EU General forums and organised to run a Flexi group for people who have been unable to get into a group previously as their ilvl hasn't been enough for the PuGs being run on their servers. She is heroic geared and is doing this so that people get to see the content in a Flexi sense.

The thread (and overwhelming responses!) can be found [on the forums]. -- Aurorasofia, Draenor (EU-Horde)

Caught being uber: Mysellerfour, Gnomeregan (US-Horde) I recently went back to an older character I haven't played since the end of Burning Crusade. The first thing I noticed was how quiet the server seemed to be. I was in a capital city for about an hour, and in that whole time, there were only about three lines of chat posted in Trade. (At first, I had to double check that I hadn't blocked Trade for some reason!) I quickly realised that the Horde on Gnomeregan was all but "dead".

This didn't stop me from wanting to play, however, so I sucked it up and started leveling. I noticed I didn't have any glyphs (remember, I'd stopped playing in Burning Crusade), so I went to the auction house to see about buying a few. I immediately noticed that most, if not all, were in the hundreds of gold range. As my character only had a couple hundred gold on him to begin with, this put them all out of my reach. I resigned myself to picking them up slowly, as I leveled and got some gold for them. (I should point out that this character had two crafting professions - Engineering & Blacksmithing - and I had no gatherers on the server anymore.)

While at the auction house, I noticed that most of the glyphs were being posted by a few different scribes, so I decided to reach out to them directly to see if any would be willing to cut me a deal on an entire set of glyphs for my two characters (including a hunter I'd created to be a gatherer).

I didn't expect the response I got from mysellerfour. Not only did they immediately send me an entire set of warrior AND hunter glyphs, but when I responded in gratitude saying I'd find some way to pay them back, they told me not to worry about it, that they were happy to help out! To say I was blown away was an understatement, and it's certainly made me that much happier to "pay it forward" as I've leveled by helping others when possible, too. :) -- Thommas, Gnomeregan (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Esteghlal, Kazzak (EU-Alliance) My Priest's name is Dylän@GrimBatol which is a server I just transferd to and so far when I met alliance players they killed me as its a pvp server,and Im a full time healer.

So there I was on the Timeless Isle when a Burning Berserker charged me.I tried to run as a holy priest not much I could do. but he kept using his charge till I was on my last 10% health.

Then Esteghlal@Kazzak came and he was alliance player I thought he might finish me off,insted he attacked the beserker,giving me time to heal myself and he evantualy killed it.
Thank you Esteghlal! you did a really kind thing that returned to me the peaceful feeling between alliance & horde players ! =) -- Dylän, Grim Batol (EU-Horde)

Caught being uber: Deathman, Runetotem (US-Horde), Deathman, Runetotem (US-Horde); Conkerr, Bloodhoof (US-Horde); Perseus, Area 52 (US-Horde); and Morthok, Quel'Thalas (US-Horde) Middle of the night (like 1am pst) found a really cool group of folks in an lfg, It was just a random group that went really well, we ran at least 5 dungeons together, the runs quickly became achievement runs, and we had a blast trying to (and getting) most of the achievements we tried for. I just wanted to give them a shout out for making my night a lot of fun! -- Eostre, Fizzcrank (US-Horde)

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