Star Trek Online's Season 8.5 coming January 30th

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.15.14

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Star Trek Online's Season 8.5 coming January 30th
Newly promoted Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo penned a dev blog today giving players a heads up regarding Season 8.5 and the fourth anniversary of Star Trek Online.

D'Angelo said that 8.5 will be arriving on January 30th, which should kick off the game's anniversary event as well. When this happens, players will have an opportunity to earn one or more new "hybrid" starships that use Dyson technology, explore a brand-new featured episode with a Star Trek actor, and enjoy 12 revamped Federation episodes.

Other changes coming include the elimination of the hourly event calendar, the ability to swap between starships and builds on the fly, more slots for ships, and an "easy equip" feature to outfit ships painlessly.
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