Take an hour to watch the documentary Steve Jobs - One Last Thing

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Take an hour to watch the documentary Steve Jobs - One Last Thing

Shortly after Steve Jobs' death in 2011, PBS debuted the documentary Steve Jobs - One Last Thing. Drawing from interviews with his friends and enemies alike the film is a balanced look at the often complex life of the Apple founder. Interviewees include Ross Perot, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Dean Hovey (who designed Apple's first mouse) and celebrities like will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas.

Steve Jobs - One Last Thing covers a lot of familiar territory if you've ever read about Jobs' history, but for newer Apple fans, it provides a concise and often illuminating look at the philosophy that drove the company's innovations. Even the most ardent Jobs historians will be pleased to discover footage from a previously lost interview with the former CEO from 1994 has been intercut throughout.

Genius is complex, and very few businesses the size of Apple get that way without people getting hurt along the way. Steve Jobs - One Last Thing isn't afraid to touch on some of the darker parts of Jobs' past, shying away from the wide-eyed innocence some fans have about their hero while still providing a relatable human view of its subject. If you've ever wanted a crash course in Jobs history, set aside an hour, pop some corn and watch ...One Last Thing.

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