6 apps you need to delete from your iPhone right this second

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6 apps you need to delete from your iPhone right this second

I bet there are some great apps on your iPhone. I mean, why else would you have downloaded them, right? But some apps just don't live up to their billing, and others lose their luster over time. You have some of these apps on your iPhone, too, and now it's time to let them go.


Facebook isn't Snapchat (thank the heavens). This half-baked, knee-jerk response to the timed message craze reeked of "me too!" when it came out, and it hasn't gotten any better since. You don't need it. You don't want it. Get rid of it.

Draw Something

We all played this for four hours a day when it was all the rage, but when was the last time you booted it up? Weeks? Months? Yeah, exactly. It was fantastic for exactly three weeks and now you can't bring yourself to scribble a pile of spaghetti or school bus to save your life. That's fine, because the rest of us are tired of it, too.


Remember when BBM was the most popular messaging solution for your iPhone? Yeah, that was a fun 17 hours, wasn't it? Well that was a while ago and you haven't touched it since. Get rid of it and let this last vestige of BlackBerry fade into the ether.

Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the first apps everyone downloads on their iDevice because it's a great way to show off what these gadgets are capable of. Unfortunately, after about two hours of visiting 3D pyramids and giving up on finding Stonehenge, there's no reason to keep it. It's time to say goodbye.

Facebook Camera

"Facebook has a camera app?" you say to yourself. I know, I forget about it daily, too, but I bet you have it somewhere on your iPhone. Unless you're obsessed with having every photo filter app out there, Facebook Camera has no business being on your device. It does nothing well, I promise.


Rhapsody was never the best streaming-music service, and now that there are so many better options -- including Apple's own iTunes Radio -- Rhapsody is slowly dying. Wait, not slowly, the other thing. Quickly. Send it out to pasture before someone sees it on your iPhone and thinks you're living in the past.

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