'No plans' for a Halo movie, says Microsoft

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'No plans' for a Halo movie, says Microsoft
Spartans never die, readers; they're just Missing In Action. Likewise, it seems that rumors of a movie based on the Halo series also will not die. This newest wave of rumors traces back to a since-deleted tweet from Production Weekly which, according to GamesIndustry International, stated, "The Halo project is a live-action feature-length digital produced by Ridley Scott."

It wasn't long before Microsoft put an end to the speculation, however. In a statement to Eurogamer, Microsoft said there were "no plans for a Halo motion picture at this time." This makes sense: getting a Halo movie off the ground has a long and troubled history, and Microsoft has already announced plans to create a Halo-branded television show with the assistance of Steven Spielberg.

Pitching audiences on a television show, a movie and an upcoming game would be a lot of plasma grenades to juggle.
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